When I first started training with Robbie, I was 20kg heavier with back and knee pains and generally unfit and unmotivated to do regular exercise. Since losing that 20kg I toned up significantly. I feel my body is generally more at ease and strong. I am less fatigued during training and my back and knees have become much stronger. I also recover much quicker with less pain.

My back and knees have improved and feel less vulnerable to attacks of pain. I have also recovered some of my lost (youthful) flexibility.

I love that we’re not doing the same thing every day. I respect the challenges Robbie sets us and really feel proud of myself when I complete a hard session. I like that its more focussed on strength and endurance than strictly cardio.

I really treasure the new friendships I’ve formed and appreciate sharing the journey with others.


I have been training with Robbie for just over 1 year.

Before I started training I was overweight, and being an ex smoker I wise in really bad shape health and fitness wise. One year on and I have lost over 25Kgs! I have never been in better shape in my life, even when I was a young active teenager. I and physically stronger, my joints feel more stable, which has really helped my softball.

It is amazing hose my  body shape has changed over the time I have been training, on top of that my energy levels have gone through the roof!

Belinda, One year on and I have lost over 25Kgs!

I feel stronger and able to lift , pull weights at greater intensity, constantly stretching the boundary that I can perform the exercise programs at.

I suffered from back pains from a previous herniated disc many years back. I am finding that as my core muscles are becoming stronger, the back pain that used to appear when I am standing for too long or walking too much are non-existent.

Every class that I attend is a genuine work out session where the tempo of intensity is mixed and varied. The element of surprise!

The most important thing for me is the fact that Robbie constantly ensures that we perform the exercises with correct techniques and posture to maximize muscular workout and avoid injuries. The other is the positive words of encouragements that Robbie provides.


In my 12 weeks of training at Second Self I lost 5kgs, gained a lot of lean muscle and positively changed the shape of my body.

I thoroughly enjoyed the small group training in a controlled environment and having so many friendly people around me.

Bruna, In my 12 weeks of training at Second Self I lost 5kgs

I have been training with Robbie for approximately 3 years now. My training includes resistance training and kickboxing. Prior to training with Robbie, I felt unfit and I always regarded training as a chore!

I enjoy my training sessions as I find it challenging and the variety keeps me motivated. My strength and flexibility has increased which has assisted me with my lower back pains.

Robbie has provided me with nutritional advice which definitely has assisted me with my food choices.  As such, I have been able to shed some kilos and maintain my weight. Since training, I believe my physique has improved my muscular definition.

Now, I really look forward to my training sessions as it is a friendly and fun environment. To top it off, I have also made some really good friends from the classes!

I highly recommendSecond Self Academy to anyone, no matter what level of training you are at.


I started training with Robbie weighing in at 94kgs. Since training 3 times per week with him I have lost 15kgs, and had a noticeable increase in my muscle definition!

My strength has improved dramatically including my core strength.  lifting more then double my starting weights on my big lifts, I never thought I would be able to squat 100kgs!

I enjoy the feeling of being fit, having more self esteem and training with a great bunch of like minded people.

Colin, I have lost 15kgs